At a convention held in Dunleer 27.12.1887, fifty clubs were requested among these was Reaghstown, whilst affiliated for 1890 they did not participate in the Championship, they only took part in challenge matches @ local sports meetings in Ardee, Dowdstown and Smarmore to 1902.

There was a gap between 1902 & 1910 with football being non-existing in the Reaghstown area.

The next football which was played in the Reaghstown area dated from 1910 – 1913 when Reaghstown Shamrocks played in Kieran’s field @ Rathory Cross, they played in the Junior Grade and wore a green jersey with a yellow shamrock on it. The teams then were made up of seventeen players.

St Malachy’s was in existence from 1932 – 1934.

O’Mahonys was in existence from 1936 – 1946. They originally played in Conlon’s field @ Rathory. In 1937 they built a clubroom @ Arthurstown Cross and played in the field known as Arthurstown Lawn. The O’Mahony’s won the West Louth League in 1938.

The Westerns GFC were formed @ a meeting held in the Cottage. At an informal meeting in the Reaghstown Dispensary it was decided to enter a team in the 1951 Div 2 Competition.

The first Committee of the Westerns GFC

Chairman: Eugene McEneaney

Secretay : Jim Clarke

Treasurer: Brendan McEneaney

Committee: Jimmy Philips,Johnny Martin,George Martin,J McConnon,Kevin Lynch,Paddy Clarke,Brian & Patsy Durnin.

First Team

Frank McMahon(G),Francie Leegan,Owen McEneaney,P Mathews,Owen McEneaney,Peadar McEneaney,Paddy Sharkey,Pat McEneaney,Jody Osbourne,J Rogers,J Martin(Capt),P Kelly,H Finn,Jim Osbournd,Ted Sharkey, Subs: P Kerr,P Brennan.

E McEneaney, Brian Durnin & James McGahon attended a Co. Board meeting in Dundalk to affiliate the Club @ a cost of £2 – 10. It is said that it was only in discussions on the way to the meeting that the name ‘Westerns’ was decided on. A set of Jerseys with green and yellow bands was bought and the first team was fielded in February 1951.

In 1983 Oweny Duffy, Tom Marron & Brendan Mathews were given the task of identifying a field suitable for a pitch development in the immediate area of the village. After negotiations with Patrick Kerley the field was purchased.